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Wheater at home with you, in board and care facilities, group homes, nursing homes, over 55 apartments, houses, and communities, etc. We know that you've placed your loved ones in the care of truly astringent healthcare providers, however, covid-19 has had an overwhelming affect on everyone who works in the medical field. So we're picking up where the others left off! We'll start by mailing each and every one of your residents, without regard to race, color, religion, or nationality. A fully configured monitor! At no expense to you! (we bill medicare or medical). Residents simply open the package and sit the device on a nearby nightstand or table! So, by all means, please call us direct: (702) 626 - 4160 to give us your headcount and schedule an appointment so we can meat you and pick up copies of your residents medical records! We are internationally licensed: but, locally invested! So, if you don't know, now ya know this: ultimately all the extra efforts we put into monitoring your loved ones and/or residents amounts to this: a 50% decrease in your risk of state penalties and fines! Respiratory: complete arterial blood gas analysis, pulmonary function studies, metered-dose inhaler, etc...The whole 9 yards! You need it? We provide it! Simple Also! offering business services such as: admitting, medicare/medical billing, commercial insurance billing, private pay, plus, health information, networking, and provider referrals.

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